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Month: November 2015


Last week finished with a sum of facts, observations, and conclusions. Some odd, some funny.

* I’m really concerned about shauna’s article about errors in R. This week I invested seriously on migrating to Julia. I’m in love with it, but translating code is a pain. Shauna, thanks for the text.

* from MIT tutorials on Julia, here:
** “I always firmly believe that the first need everybody needs to know when you get into something is how to get out of it.” Alan Edelman, MIT;
** “Come on, this is MIT, you gotta try to break it.” Alan Edelman, MIT.

* I’m living in the 11th most violent city in the world. I’m not sure how much this info is accurate, and I believe that number of homicides is an important but not sufficient variable to conclude severity of urban violence. I guess number of homicide blends in gang disputes, drug war, family conflicts, most of them restricted to certain parts of the city. In any case, I have my eyes wide open and I miss biking. Finally, I usually don’t like the way research and inference is reported on the media.

* Speaking about biking, I found a “bike sister“. I just don’t get off my bike, but I’m sure people saw me doing similar stuff on the streets of Cambriville or Montreal. Her name is Lisa, she lives in Campo Grande, a state capital in Brazil. She works a lot, and to keep her pace, she dances while commuting from one mission to another. She cleans 3-4 houses a day, and she also works on construction sites and gardening from time to time. I hope she inspires you to have a happy and energetic week too.


I once wrote:

Anywhere I can be with inspiring people is home.

Now, I says: ‘It is rather not as simple’. Finding oneself in a new city is hard, even harder when you have to face lots of limitations on infrastructure. Another important point is the cultural aspects… if one likes them or not, they are going to be there anyways.

I’m having a tough time with nutrition here. Although Natal is really rich on fruits, people tend not to eat healthy, therefore the availability of healthy options is miserable. The only solution I could find is to cook all my meals. It is tiring and I have so many other things to do, but what can I do?!

Working with neural signals and neuroscience is really cool. I’m in love with electrophysiology and I’m working on adapting my toolbox to work with these super cool signals. Between mice, cotton-tops, data, graphs, conditioning circuits, I’m finding it super exciting and inspiring. More to come on this track.

On Tuesday, it will be time to install Debian Neuroscience in a lab computer. This will be really beautiful. I’m trying to get myself to speak Julia more, but switching between languages is not always as efficient as in Montreal.

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