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Month: August 2015

Some silence is required to remember the essential in life and how hard it is not to perceive it till it is not there anymore.

take some time for silence and contemplation.

look forward but keep an eye on your ground.


A while ago, movies about Nazism, slavery, and dictatorships would annoy me a lot. Facing the decision to watch them or not, I’d always think that I had had enough. The reason: I have a hard time coping with the  segregation, suffering, and distress that people like me had. And the worst: it was also caused by people like me. I had a hard time feeling any sense of belonging to this humanity.

Today a tweet hit me like a shot. @JasonMitch was retweeted by @EdgeofSports in my timeline:

“When the color of your skin is perceived as a ‘weapon’ there is no such thing as being unarmed.” (@JasonMitch)

Today, it has been one year that unarmed black Mike Brown was killed with no evidences he could cause any harm.

Today, a song came to my memory: It’s called Angelica by Chico Buarque. The song talks about a woman that couldn’t bury her son that was thrown in the ocean by the Brazilian dictatorship. The song says: “How’s that women that sings the same chorus, she just wanna to cradle her son that lives in the darkness of the ocean.”.

One thought:

I wish all those movies had a documentary appeal and that we weren’t living under similar segregation and distress.

These movies are indeed a mirror of our own current reality, which can be called into question through these movies. So, no, I hadn’t had enough.  Apparently, the message was not caught yet.

Youtube has a good selection of movies about the Brazilian dictatorship. Some suggestions are:

RIP Mike Brown. RIP all victims of police brutality and racism.

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