“Now that I finally found the one thing I denied” by Nico,

 I might be easy, it might be natural. it might have space/energy to be easy and natural. energy, space and their natural and timed forces.

In times of questioning, I recur to Tom Ze’s lyrics to find some inspiration and strength.

Tom Ze has is by far the artist I wanna be close to in order to understand live, love, society and art. I’ll be discussing some of his most amazing phrases here.

“ah, mister citizen, I wanna know, I wanna know, how many kilos of fear it takes to make a TRADITION”

“you need to hurt or to be hurt”

about love… among the two opinions, I have mine

“ridiculous crying, pathetic living, paradoxal pleasure, bowing to suffering”

“love is old, old, old, girl. love is the track with sheets and guilt, fear and magnificence.  (…) love is the hole to throw garbage and diamonds (…) prayers, sacrificing, cheating”


“oh girl, against you I already created the gods, the law, and for the body’s sin I condemned you. I’m convinced that this dirty war is long enough, I offer you a peace agreement.”

“tight your balls in a contract, more reasonable is our peace”


finally :