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Month: May 2014

poutine wheels


what should I bring?

4,4,d guy:

Hmm… From Montreal?

Riopelle Ile-aux-Grues [1]


Because poutine doesn’t travel well enough

========= end of the message =======

[1] sure he meant the fromage crossing the boarder

you will get me in trouble for lactose intolerance, of course

camera drones

will we lose the choice to have our identities/image/appearance/presence private?

we’ve lost it already, right? of course, camera drones are just one more tool. the difference is that they are less predictable. so what? what to do?

am I comfortable with it? certainly not

feels like I have to take care of my health and work, cause way too many people (BI, NSA-like) are already taking care of my life


as far as love goes

to a labmate:

Hi xxx,

how is it going?
how is family? how is life in the west?
I’ve been trying to contact people in the lab, but it seems quite difficult to get something.
I can’t access my previous computer, your computer or even the database.



the answer:

server was moved and isn’t online.

What else?
########### command not found #################
from #whatshouldwecallgradschool by theplacewherethingsgo

when someone calls my research soft science


from #whatshouldwecallgradschool by greent33

what I need when I’m having a bad lab day


hawkeye initiative

Cher vonvolkova and invitees, during a full day of being busy relaxing together, among other topics, discussed comics. She shared with us this amazing website.


the website states:

“How to fix every Strong Female Character pose in superhero comics: replace the character with Hawkeye doing the same thing.” 

It’s insane the ridiculous poses we got used to see female models, game and movie characters. It is this wannabe S like shape, a trick to fit and show off buttocks and breasts at the same frame. Then, changing the gender you realize how ridiculous it is.

Let me know how you like it.


it feels goddamit weird to find so much stuff in my apartment after spending 4 months with a bag or less of stuff

it feels like I’m in a carnival scene and the image is so polluted I can dare to stay here longer by now. I have to find my way to food, mtl’s food.

it was expecting to have a home definition crisis, but in fact,it’s more like an ownership crisis. who knows, stuff plays an important role, I’m here fighting against a computer, whose OS and keyboard shortcuts are totally different than the one I was using during my trip.

cheers from my psoas, coxalax


if you have a beautiful face when you dance, play music or come, you probably don’t mean it enough

this is storyboard p

check a story about him at the gardian.

macho jealousy

this time, back home (unfortunately extremely macho home), it’s been time to carve an axiom.

I do think jealousy is related to macho culture.

For example, in a macho culture, women always own the fault for cheating. If the women cheats, she is found guilty. If a man cheats, the mistress is the guilty one.

Also, men embedded in a macho culture are thought to be providers of financial stability, emotional stability and status. According to Maria Rita Kelh, psychiatrist, these men didn’t pass by any cultural/social shift as some women during  feminism years. These men were not called for the feminist discussion, thus they didn’t access the agenda built by women trying to change their rights in the society. Finally, they didn’t learn with it.
Now, these men, facing independent emancipated women, feel insecure. What are they for if not to provide stability on financial and emotional life? This insecurity leads to jealousy. On the contrary, dependent women are jealous as they fear losing the stability brought by their partners.

My hope is towards emancipated man and woman that are able to realize those cultural vices and flip this coin. Why? What is the whole point about being against jealousy? I see jealousy is the most destructive feeling as it is fight against love or free will. It is useless and has no need to be. The principle for it resides on being afraid of missing someone to someone else. If all love was respected, accepted and cheered (yes, love is meant to be cheered up), there wouldn’t be any sense of fear. You can’t lose something when you don’t possess it.

If you tell me that jealousy is a natural feeling or so, I might argue with you that this is the argument for homophobia and for macho behaviour. The biological aspect suffers as cause of many dead concepts. If you keep insisting on the legitimacy of jealousy, I might tell you that macho concepts strengths it and I expect you to be skeptical about a feeling that is reinforced by macho culture.

So then, what to do? Emotional reeducation. Their is no recipe. There is no rule. A hint? Trying it together with your partner might be way easier. Understanding the difference and the others’ moment. This also applies to friendship, in case you differ love and friendship. 

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