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ain’t no space for me

Today, the rain was somehow so similar to snow. I could feel it. Listening to Godspeed, I could sense Montreal while waiting for the bus. My thoughts have been loose and I’m lost. Into the deepest of my own, I can barely stand the feeling that I don’t know what I’ve done or thought against what I’ve been dreamed about.
I’m late and this is a continuum. But I can’t tell I haven’t been able to prioritize. Buses are just so fucking horrible. It’s school break and I didn’t take this into account.
No. No umbrella for me. I like the feeling of this drizzle on my hair. It’s not enough rain to interfere on my phone’s touch screen. Fair enough. No bus. No bus. I’ll be damn late.

Time for a shelter. Fucking stupid public transportation. Fuckin mafia.

No. It was not.
Another one in the corner. Maybe….

I took it as I used to do everyday. How pretty and stressful commutes can be. It’s just a question of having time for it.

My hip is odd. Better, it’s just like any other humid day of pain. My back is on fire, distressed and unquiet. It talks to me every minute while I ignore it and try to dismiss this weird conversation and the alert.

Oh. I’ll be late. Godamn.

Weirdos alike, I feel safe. Godspeed, oh Godspeed, you give me explosions in the sky and Le soleil sort de la bouche.

Canada Canada. I ain’t be your son.

so cute but so messy

It’s hard to say where I am at. It’s so cute but so messy. I’m so fucking messy. Reality is that: I’m just fine and happy for having had one more adventure. What about that? Adventure! Is adventure something limited in time/space? Now tell me if is there anything in nature that is not limited in time/space. Everything is! Period.

Society imposes time/space thresholds for something to be considered settle or adventurous. Fucking hell with this shit*. What am I complaining about? I should be celebrating love, being happy for feeling and experiencing it in its totality.


Just saw a mom bouncing her baby tireless. I know this feeling. The feeling of infinite energy: when I’m dancing or when I’m teaching. Teaching can be my maternity, no doubt. Meeting people can be. Someone sings in opera mode just nearby. Happiness and freedom. How to dissociate one from another?

god knows how happy I am when I allow myself to be totally free and dance or talk or meet new circumstances. omg, the sea. I’m so happy for being here.

The sea deserves a new paragraph. The poet says: “When I die, I’ll come back to recover all hours I spent far from the sea.” I think it’s enough said.

Someone just passed by: a vendor. He said: “Northeast handicraft, wanna something Doctor?”. He has no clue, I actually wanna be one really soon. Don’t know about his handicraft though.

Fuck, there is a climbing wall just nearby. It’s so easy I could maybe climb it without ropes**. I might be so fucking awesome and pretty to watch the sea once you get there. A group prepares to rappel the wall. I can almost feel the rock burning my hands.

The sand underneath and through my feet, what a delight.


I have to say that I’m shitty drunk*** and that I’ve never got into the sea liek that. goddamit guys, are you still trying to rappel the wall? From what I get from here, as Mike says, “Safety first!”. Courage mes amis, courage.

I want the sea and the sea wants me. I do want to take care of people, that’s a statement. I love you my friend, fucking yeah.

Canto de Oxum by Maria Bethânia on Grooveshark

* I was drunk writing this on the beach

**  I’m too scared for that. but drunk….

*** I finally wrote about it.

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