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I once wrote:

Anywhere I can be with inspiring people is home.

Now, I says: ‘It is rather not as simple’. Finding oneself in a new city is hard, even harder when you have to face lots of limitations on infrastructure. Another important point is the cultural aspects… if one likes them or not, they are going to be there anyways.

I’m having a tough time with nutrition here. Although Natal is really rich on fruits, people tend not to eat healthy, therefore the availability of healthy options is miserable. The only solution I could find is to cook all my meals. It is tiring and I have so many other things to do, but what can I do?!

Working with neural signals and neuroscience is really cool. I’m in love with electrophysiology and I’m working on adapting my toolbox to work with these super cool signals. Between mice, cotton-tops, data, graphs, conditioning circuits, I’m finding it super exciting and inspiring. More to come on this track.

On Tuesday, it will be time to install Debian Neuroscience in a lab computer. This will be really beautiful. I’m trying to get myself to speak Julia more, but switching between languages is not always as efficient as in Montreal.

do not suck

the hugest threat is the corruption of my freedom, but I’m a rock and I’m not alone

my stop sign for leeches:

“do not play with me because I’m not alone”:

dreaming about this moment… it will come to me Yes or Yes

camera drones

will we lose the choice to have our identities/image/appearance/presence private?

we’ve lost it already, right? of course, camera drones are just one more tool. the difference is that they are less predictable. so what? what to do?

am I comfortable with it? certainly not

feels like I have to take care of my health and work, cause way too many people (BI, NSA-like) are already taking care of my life



it feels goddamit weird to find so much stuff in my apartment after spending 4 months with a bag or less of stuff

it feels like I’m in a carnival scene and the image is so polluted I can dare to stay here longer by now. I have to find my way to food, mtl’s food.

it was expecting to have a home definition crisis, but in fact,it’s more like an ownership crisis. who knows, stuff plays an important role, I’m here fighting against a computer, whose OS and keyboard shortcuts are totally different than the one I was using during my trip.

cheers from my psoas, coxalax

freedom to be

may all people find freedom to be!!!

do I have to always be thinking about freedom? yes, I do. Freedom is the sort of thing that you won’t think about unless you put some extra effort on it. It’s easier to use Windows as it is easier to be monogamic or satisfy your soul with shopping.

take a little time to freedom yourself this week, coxalax
no one told you it’d be easy, if it was, everybody would be doing it

FREEDOM from Lea Zejdler on Vimeo.

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